The Good Company believes that a Good Word can lift your spirit, and that Good Buys can cheer your spirits. 

But we also believe that Good Buys don't necessarily have to break your budget. They could be handpicked items that are unique, or high-value items lovingly shopped for by our Personal Shoppers. They can be the latest craze or pre-loved branded items with cheap price tags. 

Most of all, we want you to maximize your shipping cost, so we're here to support you as you choose #shoppooling.







Your favorite items sourced from outlet stores, or hard-to-find items shopped on your behalf

Thinking of tea cups, table settings, and Made in Japan things for your home? Or additional stuff in your closet or makeup collection? Let us do the shopping for you.

Enjoy the high Japanese standard of quality as you give pre-loved items a second chance

Ideal if you want to score luxury items at half the price. Thinking of a Chanel, a Dior, and LV, or a Celine? This is your chance.

Share your shipping space as you buy stuff from our site, or let us buy goods from Japanese groceries, or home and fashion items to make you merry

Ideal if you only want small items or specific items like books, cutlery, pens, stationery, grocery items, or makeup, and you could not take up the entire Good Box space.