When Tired, What You Need is Some Quiet Love

The pandemic finally caught up with me. I had jumpstarted many projects months before the pandemic, enjoying productivity given the extra time spent at home. A novel. A website. Businesses. Hydroponics. Aquaponics. New hobbies. Three regular freelance jobs. But when I could not get myself to write, that's the ultimate signal of tiredness. So I took time to accomplish nothing, and got some soaking of a quiet love.

In the Philippines, I would often ride an overnight bus to enjoy the mountains in Baguio, enjoy the chill vibe and its food scene, and many cafes. And stay at PNKY, of course. When I would crave for the sea, I would take a trip to Las Casas, all the way to Bataan, and use up all the Deal Grocer coupons I could, to sleep in one of the huge casitas. Since we're still on lockdown in Tokyo, and international travels are restricted, there's no better way to enjoy the slow life than in my favorite weekend getaway town, Hayama. And as the writing spark is on drought, let the "two words" written tell you what's in my heart. XOXO,

K from the Good Company

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