Pajamas and the Pandemic (And Praying for Your Heart's Desires)

There are people perishing left and right because of the pandemic. The statistics has been closer to home for many ailing countries, with immediate family and friends being claimed by the virus. While some countries, like Australia, are going back to normal, and people are now enjoying turnaround responses to address their COVID situation like in the US, the future remains unclear for some countries. In America, where government response had once been criticized, causing fatalities especially in the capital city New York, a dawn of hope has emerged.

Turnaround from 200,000 patient cases per day in December, to 10,000 vaccines rolled out per day.

In other countries, like the Philippines, the people are back to square one; with 10,000 new cases reported in one day. No clear vaccination program, no aid for health workers, no improvement on contact tracing, and billions of debts and funds stolen, supposedly appropriated for the health of the nation. The 15-billion pesos PhilHealth funds have been washed away like the 300-million pesos dolomite sand spent on Manila Bay's so-called "rehabilitation" at the height of the pandemic. We could only pray for vision (and action) to come upon the people, especially those leading the nations in crisis.

We at the Good Company find solace in the fact that the schemes of the wicked will come to an end. This is what the Passover (celebrated recently) is all about, after all.

What is Passover? This 2021, it is commemorated from March 27 to April 4.

By this Word alone, from the often-quoted Psalm 37, it could be very difficult to do the three things as you wait for the Lord to give the desires of your heart; (1) to delight in the Lord (while you are in the nth quarantine implementation, finances are tight, and loved ones are in critical condition), (2) to be still (when the ones you're counting on are not doing their job); and, (3) to wait patiently (when you've been doing these for month, years, decades).

But consistent to what The Good Company believes, "that a Good Word spoken and a Good Gift given could impact your well-being," allow us to share our recent #goodfinds and the miracle (and the wait) it took to get them. This includes a "Kris Aquino" heart pajama we've added in our imaginary shopping cart, also known as "heart's desires." These are small things, but they are a mirror of the big things that are yet to come. May you be inspired to hope and believe for your heart's desires.


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